GPGME - an API to GnuPG

The recommended way to use the GnuPG crypto stack from your application is GPGME, which is written in C. Here is the online version of the manual (maybe out of date).

A number of binding for other programming languages/environments exist: Below is an incomplete list:

All / C

C++ wrappers

C# (c-sharp) wrappers

Java wrappers

Python wrappers

Ruby wrappers

(not recommended) calling executables directly

A number of elder applications call GnuPG executables in a subprocess and interact with them via command line arguments and file-descriptors. This is less perferable to GPGME, because the command line arguments and text outputs are not an (official) API to GnuPG. While there is an effort made to keep them stable, using the official GPGME API can manage this more precisely and thus you end up with a more robust solution.


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