Contract 'EasyGpg' 2016

Scheduled contract time line: Januar 2016 - June 2017 (extended to Sept 2017).

Results (preliminary)

Resulting software improvements and designs have been developed within the upstream Free Software initiatives as far as possible, in the open and under a compatible Free Software license.


Principal BSI

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) contracted Intevation and g10 Code.

The public tender was published in September 2015. The bid was accepted in the last days of December 2015.


The team consist of the German companies Intevation GmbH and g10 code GmbH. As a subcontractor KDAB (Deutschland) GmbH & Co. KG will help with the Kontact Mail and Kleopatra implementation parts.


Prefered: via the public channels of Gpg4win or GnuPG.

Alternatively send email to Emanuel (69A911FC) or Bernhard (EFF5D42A) from Intevation. Encryption appreciated. ;-)

Development Lab

Documenting work and design processes

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