OpenPGPEmailSummit201512: EmailValidation

Workshop at 2nd OpenPGP Email Summit, Dec 2015 run by Nicolai Josuttis
Follow-Up: OpenPGPEmailSummit201607/EmailValidation


With this approach we want to establish a quick backward compatible solution to validate email addresses of UIDs of OpenPGP keys.

This would help to solve two major problems we have:

The key approach is:

Key properties of the approach are:

Open issues:

Initial Proposal:

Slides: attachment:EmailValidation20151207.pdf

Whiteboard 2nd OpenPGP Email Summit: attachment:Whiteboard_EmailValidation.png


Please send comments and feedback to Nico Josuttis, nico(at) (Fingerprint: CFEA 3B9F 9D8E B52D BD3F 7AF6 1C16 A70A F92D 28F5)

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