The 6th OpenPGP Email Summit, May 2022

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Purpose: Meeting of experts to discuss technical details around encrypted emails using OpenPGP.

This is an event open for anybody involved in the development of email clients using OpenPGP for encryption.

The meeting will take place on May 27/28, 2022 in Geneva (Switzerland), with the option to already meet informally on May 26.

NOTE: This is a meeting of those who develop software related to OpenPGP email. Thus, we will have a lot of tech talk about key servers, key discovery, subject encryption, password recovery, security/policies, etc. If you just are interested in these topics as a user, you probably will be bored to death ;-) .

Thus, you're very welcome to join us if you are working in the area of

Rules: This is a public meeting. As we want to be fully transparent, anything discussed during the meeting is considered public.

If you want to attend, please add your name to the List of Attendees (Cryptpad).

If you need funding for your travel/hotel expenses please get in contact with Patrick (


The event will take place at the Offices of Proton AG (developer of ProtonMail), at Route de la Galaise 32, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

Reaching the office

In Geneva, when staying in a hotel, you are provided with a complimentary public transport pass. This pass will allow you to use all public transports (train, tram, bus, even the yellow boats on the lake) within the extensive Geneva area (zone 10) for the entire duration of your stay, including your departure day. So do not throw it away because it will allow you to reach the airport or the train station.

Coming from the airport:

In the baggage hall of Geneva airport there are machines that will give you a complimentary public transport ticket, that you can use on all public transport in Geneva (as above), for 80 minutes.

Itinerary 1 (bus + walk, one change):
Itinerary 2 (train + bus + walk, two changes):

Coming from the Cornavin train station:

If you need a public transport ticket, you can purchase it from the machines or using the TPG app.

At the office:

Please note that there is currently no outside signage for Proton AG. After entering the "underpass" (still outside but under the building), the entrance is at the sliding doors on the right hand side.

To reach your hotel from the office and vice versa, you can use the TPG app to calculate your itinerary.

Hotel Information

Covid Procedures

There are no travelling restrictions in Switzerland. For the Summit, we require a valid COVID certificate, i.e. vaccinated or recovered.


Thursday, May 26, 2022:

Friday, May 27, 2022:

Saturday, May 28, 2022:

The notes for all sessions can be found here: [OpenPGPEmailSummit202205Notes]

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