Smartcard Hints and Information


GnuPG supports the use of hardware security tokens that come as smartcards (or USB devices that support this mode). The tokens are minicomputers that can hold the secret key material and perform crypto operations. Because you need to connect the physical "token" to your machine, the secret key material is well protected against attacks that try to steal it.

Smartcards have to be compatible with GnuPG. Cards exist to either run OpenPGP or x509/CMS operations.

In order to try this, see the howto links above, you may need to acquire a smartcard and a reader or an integrated combination of both.

Use an existing Card

Before you can use your existing card, your should import the public key associated with the private key on the card.

Known problems with Yubikey 4

Windows and Linux-with-pcscd

Linux without pcscd

Known Bug(s) of OpenPGPcard

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