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There are several places where someone finds information about how to trouble shoot a crypto application problem.

TODO: link to the sections in the gpg4win compendium and other documentation.

for service technicians

Goal is to build up a valid understanding of the problem, how it came to be and possible solutions.

  1. try to do the operations on the command line. This way you can often exclude that the problem is within the frontend. And you sometimes get additional helpful messages.
  2. Look at or activate and look at additional diagnostic output. (TODO link or refer to specific section in the official docs.) There are many ways where additional output can be found or enabled.
  3. Try to reproduce, sometimes a different installation or a different computer gives you an idea about the difference between a running and a problem case.
  4. Precisely check the version numbers of components.
  5. Check general operating or usage issues. Thinks like a full harddrive or permissions.

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