How to contribute to this Wiki


Restructure front page

the front page grew from the beginning, how can we restructure it so readers will find their topic faster and do not have to scroll a lot. Maybe put gnupg and gpg4win topics on subpages and create a new shorter overview?

Adding a news section to the bottom of the front page?

Biggest question: who will provide the news there on a regular basis? Probably only feasable if a number of volunteers can be found.

Alternatively: Try to link the or twitter feeds?

Better Wiki-Theme

Possible goals:


Solenoid has a strict width, so for smaller browser windows it does not scale nicely. The solution would be just like now, to have an upper limit. Maybe some themes could be made more responsive?

2016-09-14, we could change the black to a GnuPG blue and enable as option.

Next steps:

  1. Research: Is there a responsive MoinMoin theme that we could base our work on?
  2. Build a Moinmoin theme prototype customized to look for testing.

Whom we are writing this wiki for?

This wiki targets everyone that is interested in GnuPG, related Free Software initiatives and their products. (Just like stated on the front page.)

It is a resource open for all skill and knowledge levels. Technical some say "users" and "developers". This is what we can call the community. We hope to win over or support you as our contributor in the future.

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