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  1. can be automated, because manual building will induce errors, is less reproducable and costs significant efforts.
  2. can be cross build, because main GnuPG build environment and developer community is on GNU/Linux.
  3. consists of Free Software, so it can be indepentenly audited
  4. behaves like a common application on the plattform, so users can use their tools and knowledge
    • if a software distribution system or a system management solution is used, we shall play nice with it.
    • deinstallation should work via system controls
  5. looks attractive, to promote acceptance.
  6. can be internationalized, because GnuPG and apps target a lot of international users. German is a core language.
  7. can do everything that is needed, e.g. if services are to registered for autostart.
  8. is easy to understand and change, because this reduces efforts and problems.
  9. handling some level of dependencies and version, because we want Ggp4win to be updated seperately from applications that use it, e.g. Claws Mail.
  10. install/updates/deinstall should be possible
  11. update notifications, so that users will know when they run an outdated version and should update.
    • verification of the Installer, so that user can be sure where it comes from.

Discussion about the best installing technology targetting MS Windows.

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