Central keyring (gnupg-2.0.x)

In institutions it may be useful to centralize key management so that only administrators can edit the public keyring.

To set this up:

primary-keyring \\networkshare\folder\\pubring.gpg
keyring         \\networkshare\folder\pubring.gpg

Optionally add secret-keyring \\networkshare\folder\secring.gpg

lock-never may lead to errors when multiple users are trying to modify the keyring at the same time. Remove that option in the config files of your gpg-admins if you have multiple admins.

  mkdir %APPDATA%\gnupg
  copy \\networkshare\folder\gpg.conf %APPDATA%\gnupg

And done. Your users can now read access the central pubring and all will see the same public keyring.

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