Notes on Gpg4win 3.0 Release

Use Gpg4win with Windows XP and Windows Vista

Unfortunately, the Qt developers dropped the support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in recent versions, therefore the standard installation of Gpg4win works, but the software components of Gpg4win will not work, which use Qt.
But there is a workaround to get Gpg4win fully working on Windows Vista and Windows XP: This is done by choosing GTK-based applications over Qt-based applications.

  1. During the installation choose GPA as default keymanager, instead of Kleopatra.
  2. After the installation, make pinentry-gtk-2 the default pinentry. To do that locate the "pinentry-gtk-2.exe" in your Gpg4win installation folder.
    Remove "pinentry.exe" in that folder and rename "pinentry-gtk-2.exe" to "pinentry.exe".

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