Secure file and email exchange! Usable for everyone without licensing fees. Transparent with source code using Open Standards.

This is the wiki of GnuPG and all GnuPG related Free Software initiatives, e.g. Gpg4win (GnuPG for windows).

It's all about end-to-end security software where you do not have to trust a (third party) server or transport system. It uses openly researched crypto algorithms. The implementations can be independently verified.

The next big user experience boost for email security would be the adoption of the STEED concept. Help us make it happen.


Aim of this wiki is to help users and contributors by providing a central place for documentation, links to references and planning. We welcome your contribution!


for Software-Developers


Emails and Crypto

Applications using GnuPG

Other OpenPGP implementations/initatives

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