Gpg4win 3.0 pre-release versions

If you want to help us with Ggp4win, you can try one of the test versions before we declare it stable.

Release Candidate: Download Gpg4win-3.0 Beta

Find the list of all 3.0 beta releases at

Feedback we are most interested in

Please send feeback to gpg4win-devel or open bugs in the gnupg bugtracker

Additional notes / Known issues

If you find something obvious during testing that you think would belong on a list of known issues please add it here.


Command line Executable renamed

The command line executable has been renamed from gpg2.exe to gpg.exe scripts or command line usage has to be modified accordingly.

Automatic mode

GnuPG now offers a more automatic mode for key discovery and trust based on the communication history. This might become default in future Gpg4win Versions. You can enable it now through Kleopatra or by adding: trust-model tofu+pgp to your gpg.conf

This is not yet properly handled everywhere (especially Kleopatra's file verification dialog). The trust-model is fully supported by GpgOL, though.


see bugtracker for more known issues

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